PhD Student

Natalia Ilin Freiburg

Perception of Learner Errors and Non-standard Features in the Native and Non-native Language: Evaluation vs. Processing Cost

ErstbetreuerProf. Dr. Bernd Kortmann
ZweitbetreuerProf. Dr. Lars Konieczny
Beginn Promotion10/2008
Statusin Bearbeitung

An eye-tracking experiment should reveal how native and non-native speakers of English react to dialect features and learner errors. Mixed-effects models analyze whether the reading time at the affected region depends on the locality, frequency, complexity, source, part of speech, or other properties of the errors. The results are also examined within the subject groups: for native speakers, based on their variety (AmE, BrE, CanE); for non-native speakers, based on their language proficiency. The aim is to find out the error types and the circumstances which cause significant delay in the processing time.

ForschungsrichtungenPsycholinguistik, Eye-Tracking



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