Application - Scholarships in Linguistics 2019

The online application is done in three Steps:

Step 1
Enter your personal information and the main information concerning your project.

Step 2
Upload the documents containing your proposal, certificates etc.

Please note that the documents have to be submitted in one of the following file formats:

  • .rtf (RichTextFormat)
  • .doc (Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP, N.B.: no .docx)
  • .pdf (Portable Document Format)

You may only submit one single file for each of the requested documents. Therefore multiple scanned certificates have to be inserted into one single file. You can insert multiple scans into a document using Word, Open Office or the like. Low resolutions scans are sufficient.

Please respect the following file names:

  • yourLASTname_motivation: letter of motivation
  • yourLASTname_outline: outline of Ph.D. project and working plan
  • yourLASTname_cv: curriculum vitae; if possible, include transcripts
  • yourLASTname_degrees: copies of all university degrees
  • yourLASTname_languages: language skills
  • yourLASTname_internships: research stays and/or internships
  • yourLASTname_conferences: conference attendance, talks and/or posters
  • yourLASTname_paper: term paper or final thesis

Step 3
Here you have the possibility to check if the information entered is correct before the submission is being completed.

You may also go back to Step 1 or 2. Your application will be submitted when you press the corresponding button and you will receive a notification by email.

Just in case that ...

  1. In case that you encounter problems uploading your files, please do the following:
    • Skip “Step 2” and complete the online application.
    • Then get directly into contact with Philipp Dankel:
  2. In case that something else goes wrong, please close your browser and start again with Step 1.


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