Workshop: Using Language



9 November 2012

2:30 pm - 6 pm:  Herb Clark "Grounding and Common Ground"

Suggested Readings for all participants (please register with for access to the literature):

    1. Herb H. Clark 1996. Using Language. Chapter 4, "Common ground"
    2. Herb H. Clark 1996. Using Language. Chapter 8 "Grounding"

Further readings for those who would like have more background


For "Common ground", the two most basic papers are these:

    Clark & Marshall, 1981, "Definite reference and mutual knowledge." 
    Clark, 1998, "Communal lexicons"

For "grounding," here are three more papers with background:
    Clark & Wilkes-Gibbs, 1986, "Referring as a collaborative process"
    Clark & Schaefer, 1989, "Contributing to discourse"
    Clark & Krych, 2004, "Speaking while monitoring addressees for understanding."



30 November 2012

10:15 -12:15 am  quotations as demonstrations


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