Summer School "Language and Migration"

Dozent(en)Center for the Study of Language and Society CSLS
TerminJune 12 to 16, 2017
OrtKandersteg, Switzerland

The Summer School is being organized by the Center for the Study of Language and Society CSLS (member of LingNet Europe) at the University of Bern. It focuses on different aspects of language and migration: language contact, multilingual interaction, language and identity, discourses about migration, and the effects of researchers’ choice of language for their research. There will be lectures, workshops, and small-group sessions where PhD students will have a chance to present their research and receive feedback from experts in the field as well as from their peers.

Confirmed speakers and workshop leaders are: 

  • William L. Allen, University of Oxford
  • Penelope Gardner-Chloros, Birkbeck University of London
  • Robert Gibb, University of Glasgow - Marta Kirilova, University of Copenhagen
  • Silvia Natale, University of Bern
  • Thomas Niehr, University of Aachen (lecture in German)
  • Dennis Preston, Oklahoma State University/Michigan State University
  • Claudio Scarvaglieri, University of Basel
  • James Simpson, University of Leeds
  • Constanze Vorwerg, University of Bern


Die neue Forschungsgruppe CLiMR (Cognition, language & interaction with machines Research Group) in Basel stellt sich vor. Interessiert mitzumachen? Get in touch here!

Hermann-Paul-Preis für herausragende Dissertationen

Wir freuen uns ab diesem Winter den Hermann-Paul-Preis für herausragende Dissertationen jährlich verleihen zu können. 
Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.



PhD Scholarships Hermann Paul Scholarships in Linguistics 2018

Currently, the selection process of the scholarship is running.

PhD Scholarships Hermann Paul Scholarships in Linguistics 2017

The Hermann Paul Scholarships in Linguistics 2017 in Basel went to Robert Reinecke and Valentina Saccone. Congratulations!

PhD Scholarship Promotionskolleg Empirische Linguistik (PEL) 2014

The PEL scholarship 2014 went to Hanna Thiele. Congratulations!

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